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Book Publicity Package


Ken Dunn will join you on for an interview about your book and platform. This video will be posted on Youtube, GoRead & Facebook. We will spend $100 on boosting the post to your targeted demographic on Facebook.
Included in this offer is 3 months of the Author’s Buzz Subscription program at GoRead. You will receive a 45-minute set up training call with a manager from our subscription services team. They will help you to set up the program and show you how you can earn between $500 and $1000 per month just by writing articles and sharing them on a weekly basis. Within 6 months, you can earn back the entire cost of the package, if you follow our directions. In your first year, you will earn between $4,000 and $6,000. You will also receive support in properly setting up your book page. You will also receive support in properly setting up your book page.
We will create an email announcement about your book for your approval. Once approved, we create a dedicated email to our list of over 100,000 readers. The email list is growing by over 2,500 new readers every single week. The email will be directed to your book page on GoRead. We limit the dedicated email to 2 books and 2 emails per day. One email goes out at 8 am EST in the morning and the second at 3 pm EST, in the afternoon, 5 days a week. We encourage you to book in advance to coordinate with your book launch.
The GoRead (Readers Legacy) Facebook page has over 60,000 people and every post gets between 400 and 800 likes. We will create a dedicated post about your book that will go out at the same time as the dedicated email. The page is growing by over 100 new people per day. In 2017, we expect this page to grow to over 500,000 likes before Nov 2017. We will boost this post to your targeted demographic and spend $100 on this boost.
A post on the GoRead corporate page appears on every reader’s feed. You will receive a post for you video and a post for your book.
Through the posts, email, video and the sharing of this content, your book and video will be exposed to over 500,000 readers. $200 will be spent on advertising that will extend that reach to over 50,000 people in your preferred demographic. The benefits of this publicity include increased book sales, increased fans on your buzz page and increase income for you through the GoRead Buzz Revenue Share. In addition, a manager from our Subscribers services team will help you get set up. Our founder, Ken Dunn, will personally interview you about your book. Ken’s following is greater then one million people on social media, and we will leverage this following by posting your video and book on his Facebook Business page.

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