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"I wish Next Century Publishing had been around back when I was originally trying to become an author! They open so many doors and provide so much expertise that anyone who is serious about launching a successful book now has a direct shot to the top!"

- Chris Brady, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Next Century Publishing has changed the face of book publishing. Through its innovative approach to the author/publisher interface, it has opened the door for today's unknown to become tomorrow's best-selling author."

-Orrin Woodward, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Changing the way people write, read, and experience books

NCP Authors Newsletter

Ken Dunn, Next Century Publishing CEO talks about how and why NCP has disrupted the traditional publishing industry

Next Century Publishing

Next Century Publishing is a world leader in book publishing, book marketing, and providing authors with support. NCP is a cutting-edge publisher that refuses to accept the status quo. The game has changed, and today’s authors have more choices than ever. NCP utilizes the latest in social media and technology to increase readership, book sales, and bottom-line profits for its authors. The company is truly unique in the publishing industry.

Next Century Publishing is also launching several web-based campaigns aimed at disrupting and reinventing the mammoth publishing world, while bringing greater value to our authors. We are destined to change the way people write, read & experience books!

On NCP’s website, you will find complete, end-to-end solutions for authors. We offer production services that are 20-40 percent less than our competitors, allowing the author to invest in the most advanced, hybrid, online/offline marketing and book launch campaigns the industry has ever seen. Whether you are an independent or full-royalty author with NCP, you will benefit from our book marketing expertise, which is unmatched in the industry. This affords you greater benefits and the opportunity to fully maximize your profits.

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