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Authority Factory Course


This is a one-of-a-kind online self-study course that teaches authors how to sell 1000 books in the first 100 days after their launch. The study should be started as early as possible.  
The course Includes:
    • The Secrets to Book-store quality publishing
    • Creating The Ultimate Brand
    • Speaking Your Way to Book Sales
    • Using a Hub on the Internet to Drive Sales
    • Digital Marketing For Authors
    • Creating Successful Author Joint-Ventures
    • Getting Your Book Into Book Stores
    • Crushing Your Book Launch
    • Mastering Library Sales
    • Creating Additional Products

In addition, 4 masterclasses with Award Winning authors are included:

  • Interview with Nick Boothman on Speaking and making money

  • Interview with Alex Carroll on booking yourself on Radio Shows

  • Interview with Bob Burg (Co-Author of The Go-Giver) on booking yourself on Podcasts

  • Interview with Russell Brunson on using an online funnel and giving away books, in order to sell books

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